Wednesday, 27 February 2008

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Saturday, 23 February 2008

English Tenses

On 20 September 1988, my father bought a great book. It is a book about tenses in English, titled "Penggunaan "Tenses" dalam Bahasa Inggeris (The Use of Tenses in English)". It is written by a man named Wiliting, and it was published by a publisher in Pekalongan, named Harapan.

In page 2 of the book, Wiliting wrote a table summarizing the forms of tenses in English. There are 16 different forms of tenses. Below is a reproduction of that table. I know this might be illegal to reproduce it here, regarding Copyrights. But I didn't find any declarations of any form in the book regarding the copyright.

I rewrite the table here in hope of it may be useful to non-English speakers to learn and grasp the intricate detail of English tense.

If you are related to Wiliting or Harapan publisher and think this post is illegal, please let me know.

You read the table one row at a time. So for example, in the first row, The Simple Present Tense form of work is "I work."

Present Tense
Past Tense
Future Tense
Future in the past
I work.I worked.I shall work.I should work.
I am working.I was working.I shall be working.I should be working.
I have worked.I had worked.I shall have worked.I should have worked.
Perfect Continuous
I have been working.I had been working.I shall have been working.I should have been working.

One more thing. I don't have any idea why Blogger moves the table too far down like this. I edited the html code, there is no space or something like that.